Theology Group

This is an ecumenical group which is hosted by Living Stones. The current Chair is Fr Robin Gibbons, who can be contacted at


Membership is either by invitation of the reference group appointed by Living Stones or by acceptance of a regular visitor.

Reference Group

The reference group currently comprises three persons; the Chairperson of the Theology Group, the Chairperson of Trustees and the Honorary President of Living Stones. The reference group is ultimately responsible for membership and practice and is accountable to the Trustees of Living Stones.


Visitors may join the group by requesting attendance from the Chairperson of the Theology Group. Membership may be offered to any person who has visited the group on more than three occasions.

To contact the current Chairperson of the Theology Group, Fr Robert Gibbons, please e-mail

Presentation of Papers

The pattern is that any member of the group may offer to present a paper. Membership of the group assumes that at some point, a member will wish to do so. The paper is presented and discussed and then the presenter may be asked to write an article based on the paper presented for the Living Stones Yearbook

Next Meeting

The Theology Group usually meets from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. at Heythrop College, Kensington Square, London W8 5HN in the Bellarmino Room, (across the other side of the courtyard). Normally we begin with a short informal lunch discussion (bring sandwiches), followed by the paper.

Please contact for details of the next meeting.


A blog as an AFTERWORD following each meeting of the Theology Group is now available so that discussion can continue post the meeting.

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