Easter in Jerusalem: Saturday 3 April

Saturday April 3 | 9am PT | 12pm ET | 7pm Palestine 

The first Easter celebration took place in Jerusalem. The Palestinian Christian community has kept the celebration going ever since. Every year on Holy Saturday Palestinians participate in a unique commemoration of the resurrection via a stream of candles from the Church of the Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre). Last year the pandemic didn’t allow this unique tradition. Friends of Sabeel North America and our partners Sabeel Jerusalem (The Palestinian Liberation Theology Center) created a virtual worship service to continue the spirit of the tradition. We will again offer the powerful service in which all participate with Palestinian Christians in their traditions, and connect with their current struggles. Like those living in the land in the time of Christ, Palestinians are under a brutal military occupation. Like the early Church, Palestinians find hope in Jesus’ message of liberation, his solidarity with the oppressed, and his resurrection. Our preachers this year will further the themes of interconnected liberation struggles. Palestinian Christian activists Nora Carmi and Jean Zaru will be joined by Bishop William J Barber II, of the New Poor People’s Campaign. Plus, we will participate in a ceremony led by Canon Naim Ateek. This ceremony will bring together a community of care to work for collective liberation. 

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