Living Stones Yearbook 2021

The Living Stones Yearbook 2021 is now available to purchase or download from the Yearbook Page

Table of Contents

Episcopal Diplomacy: Oriental Christians or the Syriac Orient at the Paris Peace Conference 1919-1920. Aphram I Barsoum, a Man of Vision on an Impossible Mission—Aziz Abdul-Nour

The Syrian Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century—Sebastian Brock

The Coptic Church in Modern Jerusalem and The Holy Land—John Watson†

An Exploration of the role of Arab Protestant Women in Theological Education: a Contribution to Ecclesial Understanding of Christianity in the Middle East—Grace Al-Zoughbi

Evangelical Christian Zionism: an Assessment—Stephen Sizer

Louis Massignon and Iraq: Mysticism and Conversion in the Christian Encounter with Islam and the Muslim World—Ian Latham†

Louis Massignon and Charles de Foucauld—Hugues Didier

Universal and Local Perspectives on Religious Freedom in The Muslim World: John Paul II and Pierre Claverie—Isabel Olizar

From Hungary to Syria: Applied Solidarity in the Eastern Catholic Churches—Máté Szaplonczay

Something has irreparably broken. Dispersed Christians in the Middle East—Bianka Speidl