About the Living Stones

Our Purposes:

The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust is an ecumenical charity with the primary aim of advancing education about Christianity in the Holy Land and countries around, by:

  • raising awareness in Britain and elsewhere, educating and informing the public concerning Christians in the Holy Land, through our website, lectures, newsletter and a yearbook of academic theological articles;
  • promoting contacts between Christians (and others) in Britain and in the Holy Land, e.g. through pilgrimages promoting encounter, reflection and witness;
  • cooperating with other charities and groups with similar aims, by sharing activities and information

Our Spiritual Patrons:

Nora Carmi, Co-ordinator for Kairos Palestine
Archbishop Suheil Dawani, Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem
Patriarch Gregorios III, Melkite Patriarch (Emeritus) of Antioch
Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster
Revd Baroness Richardson of Calow, Methodist Church in Britain
Bishop Theodosius of Sebastia, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Archbishop John Sentamu, retired Anglican Archbishop of York
Patriarch Fuad Tual, Latin Patriarch (Emeritus) in Jerusalem
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, retired Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town
Bishop Munib Younan, Lutheran Bishop (Emeritus) in Jerusalem
Jean Zaru, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) co-founder of Sabeel

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