The Living Stones Yearbook

Living Stones offers this publication as encouragement and support to an informed concern for the Christian community in the Middle East. Currently under threat throughout the Middle East by constant political unrest including civil and international war, this publication offers a space for valuing the communities’ contribution to the prospect of peace and stability, to inter-religious dialogue and interpreting the impact of the present unrest on the life of the Church.

The Yearbook is distributed in printed form free to members. The current issue is available from Melisende Publishing, 33 Linkside Road, Bishop’s Stortford CM23 5LR. Tel: 01279 659920. Copies can be purchased for £20 including postage.Submissions for inclusion in the Yearbook are welcome and papers for consideration should be sent to the editor. Notes for submission of papers and house style are available upon request from the editor.

2023 Yearbook

You may view/download a pdf copy of the 2023 Yearbook here

2022 Yearbook

You may download a pdf copy of the 2022 Yearbook here

2022 Year Book Content

Richard Wheeler
Kallistos Ware
Christians in the Arab World and Interreligious Dialogue—Michael Cardinal Fitzgerald, M.Afr.
A New Approach To Qur’anic Exegesis—Michel Cuypers
Charles de Foucauld: Saint in the Dark—Robert Gibbons Obl OSB
Pope John Paul II and Relations with Islam—Ian Latham†
The Second Vatican Council and the Future of Christian-Muslim Dialogue—Duncan Macpherson
Louis Massignon—A Servant of God—Richard Wheeler†
Through a Glass Darkly: A Reflection on the Muslim Mystical Tradition and the Modern West’s Response—Leonard Harrow
Christianity in the Middle East: Current Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, through the Experience of Syria—Antoine Audo
The Arab Evangelical Church and the Refugee Crisis especially in Lebanon, in Dialogue with Osmer’s Practical Theology—Michael Arteen
Political Patriarchs: A Study of the Political Significance of Patriarch Thomas of the Chaldean Catholic Church during the Creation of Iraq—Alexander Humphries
The Chaldean Catholic Community in an International Context: Migration, Ecumenism, and Ecclesiology in Britain (1965–2013)—Kristian Girling
A Historic Milestone in Ecumenical Dialogue: the Agreement on the Eucharist between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East—Máté Szaplonczay
The Impact of the New Julfa-‘New Geneva’ School of Theologians against the Crisis of Proselytisation and Apostasy in Safavid Iran—Vrej Nersessian
Reflection on Modern History and the Contemporary Religious and Political Context of Christianity in the Modern Middle East—Anthony O’Mahony

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2020 Yearbook Table of contents
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2021 Yearbook

Table of Contents

Episcopal Diplomacy: Oriental Christians or the Syriac Orient at the Paris Peace Conference 1919-1920. Aphram I Barsoum, a Man of Vision on an Impossible Mission—Aziz Abdul-Nour

The Syrian Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century—Sebastian Brock

The Coptic Church in Modern Jerusalem and The Holy Land—John Watson†

An Exploration of the role of Arab Protestant Women in Theological Education: a Contribution to Ecclesial Understanding of Christianity in the Middle East—Grace Al-Zoughbi

Evangelical Christian Zionism: an Assessment—Stephen Sizer

Louis Massignon and Iraq: Mysticism and Conversion in the Christian Encounter with Islam and the Muslim World—Ian Latham†

Louis Massignon and Charles de Foucauld—Hugues Didier

Universal and Local Perspectives on Religious Freedom in The Muslim World: John Paul II and Pierre Claverie—Isabel Olizar

From Hungary to Syria: Applied Solidarity in the Eastern Catholic Churches—Máté Szaplonczay

Something has irreparably broken. Dispersed Christians in the Middle East—Bianka Speidl

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2020 Yearbook

Table of Contents

The Implications of the Conversion of the Great Church of Hagia Sophia into a Mosque on Muslim-Christian Relations in Contemporary Turkey—Nikodemos Anagnostopoulos

Hagia Sophia, Museum, Mosque, or Church or something else?—Robert (Robin) Gibbons

Christian Zionism: Some Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Observations—Peter Colwell

The Armenian Catholic Church in the Contemporary Middle East—John Whooley

Eastern Christian Mystical Traditions and the Development of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue: Louis Massignon, Olivier Clement, Georges Khodr and Paolo Dall ’Oglio, with a Protestant Contribution.—Andrew Ashdown

Kenneth Cragg: Response to Political Islam in Modern Iran—Christopher Brown

Kenneth Cragg and the Wisdom of the Sufis—David Derrick

Islamic Belief and Practice—Ian Latham LBJ†

Jean-Mohammed Abd-el-Jalil—Sister Agnes Wilkins OSB

Serge de Beaurecueil, OP: Scholar and Disciple of ‘Abdullah Ansari of Herat (d. 1089)—Minlib Dallh, OP

The Armenian Church under the Sceptre of the Tsars, 1828-1905—Vrej Nerses Nersessian

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2019 Yearbook

Table of Contents

Authenticity, Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Louis Massignon, Olivier Clément, Thomas Merton, Christian de Chergé—Radical hospitality Radical faith—Stefanie Hugh Donovan

A reflection on Stefanie Hugh-Donovan’s ‘Eastern Orthodoxy and Muslim-Christian Relations between Europe and the Middle East. Olivier Clément’s perspectives on theology and ecclesiology in the Christian encounter with Islam,’ Living Stones Yearbook 2016.—David Derrick

Hassan Dehqani-Tafti: struggles of a convert from Islam to be Christian in post-revolutionary Iran?—Agnes Wilkins OSB

The Idea of Badaliyya (mystical substitution) in the Life and Thought of Louis Massignon—Paolo Dall’Oglio SJ

For the Life of the World: An Eastern Christian Perspective on Care of our Planet—Robin Gibbons

From Crisis to Grace: Theological Reflections on Developing Trends in Jewish-Catholic relations, through aspects of the work of David Neuhaus SJ—Peter Colwell

The ecclesial thought of Kenneth Cragg in relation to the Church of England’s presence in Jerusalem. Reflections on modern history—David Derrick

Matta El-Meskin/Matthew the Poor: A Contemporary Desert Father (1919-2006). A L ife Of Kenosis.—Anthony O’Mahony

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2017-18 Yearbook

Table of Contents

An exploration of issues surrounding Anglican/Jewish relations in the UK in the light of the Israel/Palestine conflict—Andrew Ashdown

Jesus the Jew and Jesus the Palestinian?—Duncan Macpherson

Christian-Muslim Relations: From Conflict to Dialogue A Critical Account of Present and Recent Catholic Teaching on Christian-Muslim Dialogue—Duncan Macpherson

Ex Tenebris Lux? A Pastoral Reflection on Some Issues around Middle Eastern Christianity in the West—Robert Gibbons

The Revival of the Syrian Orthodox Christians Following the First World War—Khalid S Dinno

Paolo Dall’Oglio SJ. Eastern Christianity, Monasticism and the Community of Deir Mar Musa: A Study in Muslim-Christian Relations in Modern Syria—Christopher Knollys

The Strategies for Survival: Syriac Orthodox Christians prior to and during the Syrian Civil War—Noriko Sato

An Exploration of the Philosophical Theology of David Burrell in Dialogue with Islam, in Conversation with Robert Murray and Modern Papal Thought on Ecological Crises—Patricia Morris

Mary in the Qur’an and Islamic Tradition—Ian Latham†

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2016 Yearbook

Table of Contents

Jamil Bullata

Palestinian Christians: present situation and future challenges—Sr Bridget Tighe

Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Modern Israel: Identity within the Transnational Church and Socio-Political State—Emily Tavcar

An exploration of issues surrounding Anglican/Jewish relations in the UK in the light of the Israel/Palestine conflict—Andrew Ashdown

Kenneth Cragg as an Anglican Theologian of Islam—Christopher Brown

Kenneth Cragg, Charles Malik and Dag Hammarskjöld—some thoughts on the question of mysticism and the ‘public square’—David Derrick

Eastern Orthodoxy and Muslim-Christian Relations between Europe and the Middle East: O Clément’s perspectives on theology and ecclesiology in the Christian encounter with Islam—Stefanie Hugh-Donovan

The Faithful Presence of the Syrian Orthodox in a Challenging Milieu: Sayfophobia, Citizenship, IDPs 1915-2015, and beyond.—Aziz Abdul-Nour

The Present Crisis in Iraqi Christian Identity—Suha Rassam

Is there an end in sight re the destruction of Churches and Monasteries in Iraq?—Erica C D Hunter

Church-State relations in the Soviet Republic of Armenia during the Catholicate of Gevorg VI Ch’orekch’ian (1945-1954) and his successor, Vazgen I Palchian (1955-1994)—Vrej Nerses Nersessian

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2015 Yearbook

Table of Contents

Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism—Ilan Pappé

Michael Prior, the Professional and the Amateur: The Bible and Colonialism. A Moral Critique—Michael Marten

Perfidious Albion: Britain’s broken promises and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict—Mary Grey

Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the Bible—Duncan Macpherson

Palestinian Liberation Theology—Naim Ateek

Being there/Being with: reflections on international accompaniment in Palestine—Alwyn Knight

A reflection: Armenians and other Christians at the end of the Ottoman Empire and 100 years later—Leonard Harrow

The Impact of the Genocide of 1915 on the Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church—Nerses Vrej Nersessian

The Armenian Genocide Centennial: A Way Forward?—Harry Hagopian

Christian Encounters with Islam in history and modern times: some Theological Reflections—Ian Latham

To Defend the Faith? Themes and Concepts in the writings of Sayyid Qutb and Rowan Williams—Peter Colwell

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2014 Yearbook

Table of Contents

Toledo Guidelines and the myth of the Andalusian caliphate—James C Conroy

Christology of the Armenian Church—Vrej Nerses Nersessian

Christianity in modern Turkey: an overview—Anthony O’Mahony

The ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople and the Greek minority, in the context of Muslim-Christian relations: contemporary challenges—Nikodemos Anagnostopoulo

The dhimmi: dhimmi and dhimmitude in the Ottoman empire—Robin Gibbons

The Chaldean Church in modern times—Suha Rassam

‘Pick up the pearls of knowledge and adorn ourselves with the jewelry of literature’: An analysis of three Arab women writers in al-Nashra al-Usbu‘iyya—Deanna Ferree Womack and Christine B Lindner

The development of the theology of Rowan Williams: The question of Christian-Muslim relations—Philip Ind

The legacy of Charles de Foucauld—Ariana Patey

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2013 Yearbook

Table of Contents

The Biblical Narrative: Canonical ‘Ancient Israel’—Michael Prior

Genocide, Ethnocide, and the situation of Middle East Christians today—Terry Tastard

Christianity and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict—Rosemary Radford Ruether

Health Care in the Ottoman Holy Land and Mount Lebanon prior to Western Protestant Medical Missionary Enterprise—Ramsay F Bisharah

Christian Syria—Ignace Dick

Can we re-imagine Islam as solely with a Meccan identity, as set out in the writings of Kenneth Cragg?—David Derrick

Dialogue: What is the Point of It?—Hugh Boulter

Mary Kahil: A Life Given for Muslims—Sr Agnes Wilkins OSB

Shenouda III and the Coptic Orthodox Church in Modern Egypt: Some reflections—Anthony O’Mahony Russian Orthodoxy and Islam—ethics and spirituality in education—Basil Cousins

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2012 Yearbook

Table of Contents

The Current situation of Christianity in the Middle East, especially Syria, after the Synod of the Middle East’s Final Declaration (September 2012) and the Papal Visit to Lebanon—Antoine Audo

The Synod for the Middle East: First Results and Future Possibilities—Frans Bouwen

Engaging ‘the Martyred Church’. The Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East and the Holy See in Ecumenical Dialogue 1994-2012 and the Influence of the Second Vatican Council—Kristian Girling

Anglicanism and Islam: the ecclesial-turn in interfaith relations—Richard J Sudworth

Palestinian Christian Theology as a New and Contemporary Expression of Eastern Christian Thought—Leonard Marsh

Accepting the Fact of Death, We are Freed to Live More Fully. A reflection on freedom and liberty in Israel and Palestine—Colin South

The Concept of Dhimma in Early Islam—C E Bosworth

The Influence of Latin-Melkite Relations in the Land of Transjordan from the Rebirth of the Latin Patriarchate to the Foundation of the Archdiocese of Petra and Philadelphia (1866-1932)—Paolo Maggiolini


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